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Volume 6(2); August 2021

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Table of Contents
Original Articles
71 Impact of deep brain stimulation surgery on speech and swallowing in patients with essential tremor
Ja Young Kim, Julie Hicks, Leonardo Brito de Almeida, Aparna Wagle-Shukla, Pamela Zeilman, Karen Hegland
79 The effects of therapeutic group singing on voice, cough and quality of life in parkinson’s disease
Cecilia Brooks, Danielle Porter, Daniel Furnas, Judith Maige Wingate
89 Spectral/cepstral analyses of connected speech in parkinson’s disease as compared with sustained phonation before and after voice treatment
Ghadah G. Alharbi, Michael P. Cannito, Eugene H. Buder, Shaheen N. Awan
104 Development and usability of biofeedback system for water resistance therapy using sensor
Seong Hee Choi, Geum Byeol Lim, Hye-Rim Chae, Jong-In Youn
113 Speech sound production accuracy produced by North Korean defectors’ adolescent children born in China
Eun Kyoung Lee, Hyun Jung Lee
118 Word association analysis of children with disabilities
Sunhee Park
127 Cross-language comparison of long-term average speech spectrum and dynamic range for three Indian languages and British English
Vijaya Kumar Narne, Nachiketa Tiwari
135 Impact of COVID-19 on hearing aid users
Gish Chacko, Udit Saxena, S B Rathna Kumar, Suresh Medisala
141 Acoustic characteristics of resyllabification process in Korean
Myoung Soon Lee, Hyun Park
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